Screen Printing

THE ART OF SCREENPRINTING is an intricate process that requires artwork to be separated out into the different colours. A separate screen is prepared for each colour using light sensitive emulsion and are then exposed to UV light to create

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A separate screen is prepared for each colour using light sensitive emulsion and are then exposed to UV light to create a stencil for ink to be pushed through.

Each colour is then printed using a different screen. We then aligned the different screens on the print carousel to ensure that the colours are lined up perfectly. Next we add the inks. Our screen printer loads the garments onto the platen, which we then move under the screen. The squeegee transfers the ink through the stencil and onto the garment. Lastly, we unload the garment and pout it through a conveyor drier to cure the inks.

One of the major benefits of screen printing is that it’s an extremely cost effective solution for bulk printing. Other benefits include: - --higher quality product than digital prints
-Durable prints for longer lasting quality
-Screen printing can be used on a variety of different print materials, including, but not limited to; glass, wood, textiles, signs, banners, electronics, and much more

How much does screen printing cost?

There are three elements to screenprinting costs:

  • Artwork 
  • Screens
  • Printing

The file types we need to make the film work are the following: PDF, EPS or AI these must be in a Vector format.

Each colour that is screenprinted for each logo requires the creation of a screen.The screen printing cost is based on the number of colours, the item being screen printed and the volume.

Minimum Order Quantity of 24 units. 

Unbranded items can be ordered in lesser quantities but a surcharge will apply.

MHM S-Type Xtreme  -  Compact is a Game Changer

If you are after a photorealistic print then our 4 colour process may be the one for you. For this method we use 4 colours; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Black to print a photorealistic image onto primarily white or light coloured garments. If you are wanting to print on dark fabrics, we suggest using our simulated process method. 
Water based ink is a solvent free ink that soaks into the fabric instead of sitting on top like our standard plastisol prints. Our eco-friendly water based inks don't have the “rubbery” feel of other inks and create an ultra soft print that has a virtually undetectable hand feel. Once you try a shirt printing using our water-based inks, you won’t want to wear anything else again! For water-based colours that ‘Pop’, we recommend using light coloured cotton garments. 

Would you like a Quote?

Just email us the following details… Your artwork or text, the finished size, the product to be screen printed on and the location on the garment/product . . . then we'll quickly send you back a quote.

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